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Power Sweeping

Our Power Sweeping Systems Are Innovative and Economical, trust Mister Sweeper to remove litter and trash from your property with expert precision and professionalism. We have performed regular power sweepings at thousands of parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks and other exterior sites. Our goal is to leave an overall litter-free appearance.

Power Washing

Mister Sweeper is the First and Finest Name in Power-Washing Services. Using specialized power-washing equipment we help you keep your exterior grounds, parking lots and parking garages looking spotless.

Grime Grinding

Mister Sweeper has done it again with our revolutionary new parking garage pavement cleaning innovation! The Grime Grinder process powers away grime – that oily dirt/dust/ rubber accumulation that collects in all parking structures that rubs off on clothes and shoes and is tracked onto building floors. Some stains also may be removed.


Trust Mister Sweeper to Freshen Up Your Property Overnight. We can restore that like-new appearance by repainting stripes, curbs, signs, wheel stops, handicap markings, stencils and other markings. We use the best fast-drying paints and apply them professionally and reliably.

Porter Service

Our Porters Take Care of All the Details. Porters are often useful and necessary on properties where noise restrictions exist. Often equipped with one of our powerful sweeping trucks, porters sweep alleyways or cleanup areas adjacent to noise-sensitive homes during daylight hours.

Junk Patrol

We Haul Off Big Trash, Too! Need to get rid of those old sofas, refrigerators, fence sections and other debris that have been anonymously dumped on your property? Mister Sweeper’s on-call service will manually haul them off with our dump truck and flatbed truck fleet.

Construction Sites

There’s a good reason why Mister Sweeper performs Construction Site Sweeping Services at hundreds of construction sites! Since 1965 we have developed a track record of doing an exceptional job at a great price. Using some of the most advanced and efficient brush, broom and vacuum sweeping equipment in the industry, our crews clean paved surfaces during and after construction.

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