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Mister Sweeper is the Leading Choice to Handle Your Outdoor Cleaning in Texas

For more than 50 years, Mister Sweeper has expertly and professionally cleaned and serviced the paved surfaces of properties of all kinds – thousands of commercial, retail, office, parking garage, industrial, warehouse, apartment and municipal properties in Texas have shined since 1965 from the Mister Sweeper touch. Property Managers and Superintendents trust us to deliver with high standards, integrity and a focus on cleanliness.

Here’s what several Texas managers had to say about Mister Sweeper:

"Having been the Contract and Operations Manager of ICA’s President George Bush Tollway project, I am writing this to thank you personally for your company’s support over the last three years in keeping our roadway clean for both the North Texas Tollway Authority specifically and the Dallas Fort Worth traveling public in general. The quality of service that your company provides is excellent, and I truly appreciate it. In all kinds of weather, both the good and the bad, your people are out there providing a sweeping service that you can be proud of, bar none. I believe Mister Sweeper has set a new standard for tollway sweeping services and has set a powerful example in both quality and safety. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended."

-Edwin Lynch, Operations Manager
President George Bush Tollway Project,
Infrastructure Corporation of America

"Mister Sweeper has been with us for over a decade. They have always worked with us to achieve our goals, and their performance is second to none."

-Chuck Westenhiser,
Sr. VP of Quine & Associates

"I have contracted for power washing, sweeping services with Mister Sweeper on various property types: retail, office, and industrial. My contact, Shawn Smith, is always prompt in delivery of proposals, providing excellent customer service and understands the expectation of property management in delivering exceptional services to a property. The company has always delivered exceptional service at a competitive market price."

-Brenda Kindt,

Customers can count on Mister Sweeper to do the job right, the first time, and for the right price! We have a large fleet of innovative equipment, the right processes, two major facility locations, and an established team of friendly professionals to take care of properties and help clean the outdoor environments in our communities.

Ask us to help your environment shine – put us to the test! Contact us today for a service or bid request.

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