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Posted on December 5th, 2019 by vapro

Our Revolutionary Grime Grinder Process Takes Parking Garage Cleaning to a New Level

Grime Grinding Services | Mister Sweeper

Mister Sweeper created its own high-speed, truck-mounted Grime Grinder process to power away grime – the oily accumulation of dirt, dust, and rubber that collects in all parking structures. Grime finds its way onto clothes and shoes and gets tracked into your buildings and onto your floors. Our revolutionary technique is the fastest and most aggressive way to rid your parking structures of this grime without damaging the concrete.

Our Grime Grinder process uses specially-designed spray nozzles that pass over floor surfaces in close sequence, using high pressure and high temperatures to apply water, squeegee and vacuum – scouring them clean.

Our seven-step, automated Grime Grinder process ensures nothing is missed:

  • Power-sweep all areas to remove litter, dust, and loose dirt
  • Pre-treat garage floor areas with non-hazardous degreasing chemicals, paying special attention to grease and oil stains.
  • Power hand-flush perimeter of garage floor and other spots that are inaccessible to truck-mounted Grime Grinder equipment, such as behind wheel
  • Hand power-wash sidewalks, garage elevator and building entrances to remove gum and other surface accumulations
  • Perform steady cleaning and scouring with the Grime Grinder in 6’6″ swaths over garage floor surfaces – the machine’s spinning nozzles discharge 3000 psi, 200ºF water
  • Hand flush garage stairwell steps and floors
  • Capture, retrieve, remove and transport wastewater for proper disposal in accordance with city, state and federal environmental laws

Mister Sweeper’s Grime Grinder crews are available whenever you need them — days, nights or weekends.

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