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Posted on February 15th, 2024 by vapro
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Mister Sweeper - Serving for over 50 Years
  1. Review the entire opportunity description for which you want to apply.
  2. If a Candidate Questionnaire is required for the position, complete and submit your answers to the questionnaire.
  3. Remember to also submit an up-to-date, complete, and accurate version of your resume.
  4. All submissions are reviewed. Please be patient until we reply to you with possible next steps.
  5. Required Qualifications are listed separately from Preferred Qualifications. Please consider them carefully.
  6. Also discover more about Our Company, Our Culture and Working at Mister Sweeper here.
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Working at Mister Sweeper

Mister Sweeper offers employment for both day and night shifts. Please watch these videos and contact us at 214-688-4444 in North Texas and 832-454-7882 in Houston if you are interested in applying to join our Mister Sweeper family.

Day Shift

Night Shift

Why People Come to Work for Mister Sweeper


  • Employees are our greatest resource. And we treat them like it!
  • We are committed to meeting the needs of our team members – not just giving a paycheck.
  • We have never had layoffs and don’t plan to!


  • We are committed to intentionally creating a culture that is fun, happy, and rewarding.
  • We demonstrate a faith-based culture with a Christ-centered mission.
  • We provide chaplaincy and personal support services.
  • We strive to create heaven on earth… even in the workplace!


  • Our organization is marked by stability and growth – both of which are good for you!
  • We are committed to employee health and growth in the workplace.
  • We strive to promote from within to give you a career path!

Beyond the perks, Mister Sweeper creates an amazing culture demonstrated by high levels of work ethic, integrity, and personal commitment to excellence.

The Company is committed to protecting that amazing culture through its commitment to servant leadership and high standards.

Working At Mister Sweeper

At Mister Sweeper we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Their hard work and warm handshakes are what make us stand out as we work to make the communities around us a great place to call home. As a company, we depend on Christian principles to guide us in our faith and relationships. We consider the needs of others around us before our own and we find great joy in the revival of our customers’ businesses and properties, worn with time. We work as hard as we can and have fun doing it so that we can make our community shine!

Mister Sweeper is a proud member of the following organizations:

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Mister Sweeper is also,
A Founding Member and Board Member of 1-800-Sweeper
1-800-Sweeper is a nationwide alliance of sweeping companies

Mister Sweeper - Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston


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Mister Sweeper is a Proud Member of the Following Organizations

Mister Sweeper - Serving for over 50 Years
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