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Mister Sweeper is the First and Finest Name in Power-Washing Services

Using specialized power-washing equipment we help you keep your exterior grounds, parking lots and parking garages looking spotless.

Our power washing systems are some of today’s fastest and most effective. Power washing takes care of non hazardous spills, graffiti, grime, oil spots, chewing gum or other cleaning requiring water.

Our unique Grime Grinder parking garage floor cleaning system, developed by Mister Sweeper, is the fastest and most aggressive paved surface cleaning/washing process for removing grime without damaging concrete.

Revolutionary high-speed techniques use powerful machines such as flushing pumps, wastewater recovery units, tank trucks, and high-pressure cleaning units to water blast, flush, scour, or scrub paved surfaces. Water is taken from fire hydrants and used in unique ways to clean meticulously.

Responsive to your needs, and to the environment.

Mister Sweeper has developed systems and equipment for capturing, collecting and transporting wastewater to comply with environmental laws.

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