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Power Sweeping

Mister Sweeper Power Sweeping Systems: State of the Art, Innovative & Economical

Mister Sweeper uses our patented SideKick Turbine Blower System to remove litter and trash from your property with expert precision and professionalism.

Power sweeping cleans litter, dirt, and rubbish from your property using state-of-the-art sweeping equipment mounted on customized trucks. Our SideKick System can blow litter off sidewalks and blow behind wheel stops plus other hard to reach areas. Sweepings are vacuumed up and transferred to large roll-off containers that are disposed of in licensed landfills.

Other Mister Sweeper services include:
  • Sweep of curb-lines, corners and other areas where trash tends to accumulate
  • “Patrol” sweep open parking lots and driveways, picking up trash where it has fallen
  • Sidewalk cleaning with our SideKick turbine blower or, if necessary, by hand
  • Manual corner touch-ups with a hand blower or broom and dustpan

We perform power sweeping of parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks and various exterior sites daily. Our crews work around the clock, but most commercial sweeping is performed after business hours.

Power Washing

Mister Sweeper Leads the Way in Power-Washing Services

Our innovative power-washing equipment and processes enable us to keep your exterior grounds, parking lots and parking garages clean. Our power washing systems are fast and effective in cleaning non-hazardous spills, graffiti, grime, oil spots and accumulated chewing gum.

Our Grime Grinder parking garage floor cleaning system, developed by Mister Sweeper, is the fastest and most aggressive paved surface cleaning process for removing grime safely, without damaging concrete.

Revolutionary high-speed techniques include using powerful flushing pumps, wastewater recovery units, tank trucks, and high-pressure cleaning units to water blast, flush, scour and scrub paved surfaces. Water used for cleaning is taken from fire hydrants, and wastewater is captured, collected, and transported in full compliance of environmental laws.

Mister Sweeper prides itself on being sensitive to both the needs of our customers, and the environment.

Grime Grinding

Our Revolutionary Grime Grinder Process Takes Parking Garage Cleaning to a New Level

Mister Sweeper created its own high-speed, truck-mounted Grime Grinder process to power away grime – the oily accumulation of dirt, dust, and rubber that collects in all parking structures. Grime finds its way onto clothes and shoes and gets tracked into your buildings and onto your floors. Our revolutionary technique is the fastest and most aggressive way to rid your floors of this grime without damaging the concrete.

Our Grime Grinder process uses specially-designed spray nozzles that pass over floor surfaces in close sequence, using high pressure and high temperatures to apply water, squeegee and vacuum – scouring them clean.

Our seven-step, automated Grime Grinder process ensures nothing is missed:
      1. Power-sweep all areas to remove litter, dust and loose dirt
      2. Pre-treat garage floor areas with non-hazardous degreasing chemicals, paying special attention to grease and oil stains.
      3. Power hand-flush perimeter of garage floor and other spots that are inaccessible to truck-mounted Grime Grinder equipment, such as behind wheel
      4. Hand power-wash sidewalks, garage elevator and building entrances to remove gum and other surface accumulations
      5. Perform steady cleaning and scouring with the Grime Grinder in 6’6″ swaths over garage floor surfaces – the machine’s spinning nozzles discharge 3000 psi, 200ºF water
      6. Hand flush garage stairwell steps and floors
      7. Capture, retrieve, remove and transport wastewater for proper disposal in accordance with city, state and federal environmental laws

Mister Sweeper’s Grime Grinder crews are available whenever you need them — days, nights, or weekends.


Trust Mister Sweeper to Make Your Property Shine – Overnight!

Mister Sweeper can repaint stripes, curbs, signs, wheel stops, handicap markings and stencils overnight. All surfaces are power washed and prepped prior to painting to remove flaking paint, provide a secure bond, and extend the life of the paint job. Only the best fast-drying paints are used to professionally and reliably repaint your surfaces. Restore that like-new appearance of your property while you sleep!

Porter Service

Our Porters Take Care of the Details

On properties where noise restrictions exist, our Porters can quietly and sensitively perform detailed cleaning tasks such as picking up cigarette butts from landscaping, wiping the tops of sidewalk trash cans, mopping and cleaning exterior elevators and knocking down cobwebs. Use our Porters to conveniently sweep alleyways or clean up areas adjacent to noise-sensitive homes during daylight hours.

Download Our Porter Services Brochure

Junk Patrol

Mister Sweeper Haul Off Big Trash, Too!

Our on-call service will rid your property of large trash items such as old sofas, refrigerators, fence sections and other debris. We manually remove large trash items using our fleet of dump trucks and flatbed trucks, and a front-loader tractor is available for larger hauls.

Construction Sites

Construction Site Sweeping Services Keep Your Job On-Time and On Track

Mister Sweeper uses the most advanced and efficient brush, broom and vacuum sweeping equipment to clean paved surfaces during and after construction. Cement trucks, dump trucks, graders, and other common construction site service vehicles leave mud, dirt, and stones behind on adjacent roads when they leave the jobsite. This mess is known in the industry as “track out.” Track out annoys neighbors and can cause damage to passing cars, which can lead to costly fines from your building inspector. We provide construction companies and municipalities sweeping, flushing and pressure cleaning services to remove all types of track out and debris.

Our unmatched cleanup fleet of over 100 pieces of equipment includes large broom street sweeper trucks, vacuum sweeper trucks of all sizes, high-volume water flush trucks, scrubbers, and power washing equipment. In addition, Mister Sweeper offers our exclusive and revolutionary Grime Grinder system, a wide-swath pressure cleaner designed for high-speed scouring of paved surfaces.

Our crews work around your schedule! We pride ourselves on being responsive and reliable. Our flex-schedule timing allows for a short sweeping Monday through Saturday with a two-hour minimum in Dallas or Harris counties and a three-hour minimum in the surrounding counties. On Sunday there is a four-hour minimum for services. Short-notice appointments can be arranged.

Mister Sweeper has partnered with general contractors, excavation contractors, demolition contractors, and property developers since 1965. Put our friendly and reliable team with our innovative construction sweeping services to the test.

Call us toll free at 1-877-752-5693, or contact us today for a bid or service request.
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