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Our Management Team Serving North Texas & Houston Since 1965

Posted on December 5th, 2019 by vapro

Mister Sweeper has been a leading outdoor cleaning company in Texas for more than 50 years.

We have the equipment plus friendly service professionals to get the job done right the first time for our customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas.

Jodie Thompson - President | Mister Sweeper

President / Owner

Jodie C. Thompson III
Making You Shine Since 2006
214-688-4444 ext. 307

Tom Seevers - Vice President | Mister Sweeper

Vice President

Tom Seevers
Making You Shine Since 2006
214-688-4444 ext. 304

Gabby Mata - Human Resources | Mister Sweeper

Human Resources Coordinator

Gabby Mata
Making You Shine Since 1995
214-688-4444 ext. 302

Becky Stumbaugh - Office Manager | Mister Sweeper

Quality Control Manager

Becky Stumbaugh
Making You Shine Since 1989
214-688-4444 ext. 301

Dave Manning - Sales Supervisor | Mister Sweeper

Sales Supervisor

Dave Manning
Making You Shine Since 2015
214-688-4444 ext. 311

Lisa McNiel - Executive Admin Assistant | Mister Sweeper

Executive Admin Assistant

Lisa McNeil
Making You Shine Since 2016
214-688-4444 ext. 312

Martha Rosales - Accounts Payable | Mister Sweeper

Accounts Payable

Martha Rosales
Making You Shince Since 2000
214-688-4444 ext. 313

Able Negrete - Chief Estimator | Mister Sweeper

Chief Estimator

Able Negrete
Making You Shine Since 1975

Jesus Luna - Fleet Superintendent

Fleet Superintendent

Jesus Luna
Making You Shine Since 2010

Thierry Kalubi - IT Manager | Mister Sweeper

IT Manager

Thierry Kalubi
Making You Shine Since 2017
214-688-4444 Ext 306

Luis Alanis - Dallas Day Supervisor | Mister Sweeper

Dallas Day Supervisor

Luis Alanis
Making You Shine Since 2017

Odilio Guerra - Dallas Night Supervisor | Mister Sweeper

Dallas Night Supervisor

Odilio Guerra
Making You Shine Since 1997
214-688-4444 ext. 350

Marvin Shrout - Houston Operations Manager | Mister Sweeper

Houston Operation Manager

Marvin Shrout
Making You Shine Since 2013
214-688-4444 Ext 318

Jayson Davis - Houston Day Supervisor | Mister Sweeper

Houston Day Supervisor

Jayson Davis
Making You Shine Since 2009

Rosalio Escobar - Houston Night Supervisor | Mister Sweeper

Houston Operation Manager

Rosalio Escobar
Making You Shine Since 2006
214-688-4444 Ext 319

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