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Posted on December 5th, 2019 by vapro

Mister Sweeper Leads the Way in Power-Washing Services

Power Washing Services | Mister Sweeper

Our innovative power-washing equipment and processes enable us to keep your exterior grounds, parking lots and parking garages clean. Our power washing systems are fast and effective in cleaning non-hazardous spills, graffiti, grime, oil spots and accumulated chewing gum.

Revolutionary high-speed techniques include using powerful flushing pumps, wastewater recovery units, tank trucks, and high-pressure cleaning units to water blast, flush, scour and scrub paved surfaces. Water used for cleaning is taken from fire hydrants, and wastewater is captured, collected, and transported in full compliance of environmental laws.

Mister Sweeper prides itself on being sensitive to both the needs of our customers, and the environment.

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