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Construction Site Sweeping Services

There’s a good reason why Mister Sweeper cleans up at hundreds of construction sites! Since 1965 we have developed a track record of doing an exceptional job at a great price. Using some of the most advanced and efficient brush, broom and vacuum sweeping equipment in the industry, our crews clean paved surfaces during and after construction. Cement trucks, dump trucks, graders, and other service vehicles common on most construction sites leave mud and dirt on adjacent roads when they leave the jobsite. This mess is known in the industry as “track out.” Track out also leaves stones on the road, which can damage passing cars. Dirt track out can do more than annoy neighbors—it can lead to costly fines from your local building inspector. We provide construction companies and municipalities sweeping, flushing and pressure cleaning services to remove all these types of debris.

We’ll Give Your Construction Site the Opening Day Polish

Mister Sweeper’s unmatched cleanup fleet includes large municipal-type broom street sweeper trucks, vacuum sweeper trucks of all sizes, high-volume water flush trucks, scrubbers and power washing equipment. In addition, Mister Sweeper offers our exclusive and revolutionary Grime Grinder, a wide-swath pressure cleaner designed for high-speed scouring of paved surfaces. Tractor scraping and helpers also can be provided on request.

Our Crews Work Around YOUR Schedule

We pride ourselves on being responsive and reliable. Just tell us when, and we’ll be there. On a tight time frame? Short-notice appointments usually can be arranged. Our flex-schedule timing allows for a short, two hour minimum sweep Monday through Saturday. Sunday we have a four hour minimum for services.

Operating since 1965, Mister Sweeper serves general contractors, excavation contractors, demolition contractors, and property developers from Dallas to Houston operating out of 2 facilities. Our 85 employees utilize 150+ pieces of dedicated commercial sweeping and cleaning equipment including more than 75 over-the road trucks. Our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by in-house mechanics in our own garages.

We invite you to put our reliable and innovative construction sweeping services to the test! Call toll free at 1-877-752-5693, or click to contact us today for a bid or service request.

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